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New Exempted Fishing Permits for Longlines off US West Coast

Exempted Fishing Permits were issued by the Pacific Fishery Management Council on April 29, 2019 to two vessels to fish off the U.S. west coast in federal waters (Exclusive Economic Zone) with pelagic longline gear. The listed purpose is to collect data about the performance of shallow-set (pelagic) longline gear and mitigation measures to minimize adverse […]

More Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Allocation for Anglers?

The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) recently released an Options Paper to amend the current Individual Bluefin Quota (IBQ) strategy, implemented to reduce incidental bycatch of bluefin, in the pelagic longline fishery for public review. The allocation of bluefin tuna to all user categories may be changed. Why should the recreational community care? For two […]

NMFS Discussing New Ways to Allow Commercial Fishing Vessels Inside Closed Zones

NMFS Scoping New Strategies to Allow Commercial Vessels Inside Closed Zones to Research NEEDS ALL ANGLERS ATTENTION – The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) launched a new and very comprehensive process for evaluating the success or inefficiencies of current Pelagic Longline Closed Zones and Gear Restricted Areas to achieve full swordfish quota utilization and reduction […]

Action Alert – Comments due for Forage Fish soon!

The Billfish Foundation submitted our comments to the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council to consider Bullet Tunas, Auxis rochei, and similar Frigate Mackerel, Auxis thazard to the dolphin/wahoo fishery management plan as ecosystem component species, so they can acknowledge the role the two currently unmanaged species play as important prey for both dolphin and wahoo.  Read […]

New Daily Limit to Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Angling Category

New Daily Limits – Except for the Gulf of Mexico NOAA Fisheries is adjusting the Atlantic bluefin tuna (BFT) daily retention limits that apply to vessels permitted in the Highly Migratory Species (HMS) Angling category and the HMS Charter/Headboat category (when fishing recreationally for BFT). The adjustments below are effective May 11, 2019, through December […]

Gov’t Lessens Billfish Research Funding

NMFS reducing billfish research support The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), Southeast Fishery Science Center, is further diminishes support for billfish research, now by not facilitating funding of a respected billfish scientist! This is a worsening of the government’s longstanding low priority given to billfish, whereas the highest priorities go to the “commercially targeted fish […]

Clean Water Essential for Outdoor Recreation

EPA & Corp Proposal to Repeal Clean Water Rule – Anglers & Hunters Oppose The Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Assistant Secretary of the Army, Corps of Engineers (Civil Works) desire to revise the definition of “waters of the United States” by repealing the 2015 Clean Water Rule (the Rule). The Rule […]

Action Alert – Push for Passage of the Forage Fish Conservation Act

Healthy Forage Fish Helps Billfish and other High Migratory Fish Saltwater ecosystem dynamics include not just the marine habitat, but also the creatures, overfishing, predator/prey interaction, pollution, temperature changes, etc.  Yet the primary fishery management law of the U.S., the Magnuson-Stevens Act, does not include provisions for managing prey or forage fish that provide an […]