Workshop on December 7th regarding Offshore wind project impact

Input requested from anglers regarding potential impacts from offshore wind projects

The Billfish Foundation just received word that The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) is hosting the only workshop on December 7th at 10 am EST to understand and develop guidance to mitigate potential impacts from offshore wind projects on recreational fishing.
They want to get insight and knowledge from the people and organizations that know and use these areas. Be sure to register since this will be one of your only chances to talk about this topic with the BOEM.
Follow this link to Register for the workshop.
This workshop will:
  • Present the purpose and intent of the 2014 document Development of Mitigation Measures to Address Potential Use Conflicts between Commercial Wind Energy Lessees/Grantees and Commercial Fishermen on the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf.
  • Request input from the fishing community and developers that would inform the draft guidance on fisheries mitigation. Topics to consider include project siting, design, navigation, and access; safety; environmental monitoring; and financial compensation.
  • For more information about this guidance, fisheries mitigation workshops, and how to submit comments visit:  Request for Information on Reducing or Avoiding Impacts of Offshore Wind Energy on Fisheries
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