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Tagging Tuna with ICCAT and AOTTP

The Billfish Foundation is currently engaging in a research project with Atlantic Ocean Tropical Tuna Tagging Program (AOTTP) in order to further the knowledge around lifecycles of yellowfin, bigeye, and skipjack tuna. This will be accomplished by working with recreational and commercial anglers to implement traditional ‘spaghetti’ tags into these different species of tuna. This […]

Proposed Modifications to Pelagic Longline Bluefin Tuna Area-Based and Weak Hook Management Measures

NMFS proposes to modify the one-month closed zone off New Jersey and the spring two-month gear restricted area in the Gulf of Mexico to become Monitoring Zones with an annual allocation for pelagic longline vessels. If reported data indicates the allocation is close to being landed, the zones will be closed for the balance of […]

Options to maximize Bluefin Tuna in the Atlantic Ocean

Amendment 13 – Atlantic Bluefin Tuna – HMS Fishery Management Plan Amendment 13 to the Highly Migratory Species Fishery Management Plan proposes many options striving to maximize utilization of the U.S. bluefin quota.  Half of the options propose changes to the pelagic longline fishery’s Individual Bluefin Quota (IBQ) current management strategy and the other half […]

White Marlin Stock Assessment Update

The June 2019 assessment of white marlin’s relative abundance remaining in the water offered mixed results, “overfishing” had stopped, but the authorized catch limit is still being exceeded. So management needs to carefully keep an eye on this stock. Although there was some evidence of rebuilding in recent years, the stocks remain significantly overfished and […]

Latest Bluefin Tuna In season Adjustment

Bluefin Tuna General Category Retention Limit Set to One Fish through August 31, 2019 The National Marine Fisheries Service is adjusting the Atlantic bluefin tuna (BFT) General category daily retention limit from three large medium or giant BFT per vessel per day/trip to ONE large medium or giant BFT per vessel per day/trip for the […]

Help Keep Pelagic Longlines OUT of Closed Zones

The U.S. pelagic longline closed zones and gear restricted areas were established to reduce bycatch of juvenile swordfish by protecting nursery grounds, overfished marlin, sailfish, which remain overfished, large coastal sharks (some remain overfished), marine mammals and loggerhead (“Threatened” under the Endangered Species Act) and leatherback sea turtles (Endangered under the ESA).  At the time […]

Atlantic bluefin tuna inseason adjustment

Bluefin Tuna Angling Category Northern Area Trophy Fishery to Close June 27, 2019 Based on the best available landings information, NOAA Fisheries has determined that the subquota of 1.8 mt for the Angling category northern area trophy bluefin tuna fishery has been reached. The incidental Angling category fishery for trophy bluefin tuna in the northern area […]

Swordfish General Commercial Permit Retention Limit Adjustment

Swordfish General Commercial Permit Retention Limit In Season Adjustment July 1–December 31, 2019   NOAA Fisheries just announced an inseason change to the Swordfish General Commercial permit retention limits in the Northwest Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and U.S. Caribbean regions, as shown in the table below. The default Swordfish General Commercial permit retention limit of zero (0) swordfish […]