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Atlantic Bluefin Southern Area Trophy Fishery Closed to Angling

NOAA Fisheries closed the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Angling Category…
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Updated English and Spanish Atlantic HMS Compliance Guides

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Potential Changes to the NOAA HMS Fishery Management Plans

Earlier last week, NOAA Fisheries announced that they are…

2019 Atlantic Billfish and Swordfish Landings Updates

As of August 20th, NOAA Fisheries finished compiling the second…

2018 Recreational Atlantic Billfish Landings Updates

The table below provides the total number of billfish (January…

Recreational Billfish Landings Update

Atlantic Billfish Recreational Landings Update 3rd Quarter 2018…

Florida East Coast Closed Zone Will Remain Closed!

Major victory for fish and the recreational community The National…

Atlantic Billfish Recreational Landings Update

Update for the 2nd quarter of 2018  The National Oceanic and…