2022 Tag & Release Competition Winners

Were you selected as a winner for the 2022 season and would…
NOAA 2019 Commercial and Recreational Landings Updates | The Billfish Foundation

Deadline to Submit For TBF’s Tag and Release Competition is coming up!

The deadline for The Billfish Foundation’s 2021-2022 Annual…

TBF’s New Tag and Release Web Application is Live!

Our New and Improved System is Up!   TBF is excited…

TBF Welcomes New Staff

Welcome aboard Thomas (TJ) Morrell!   TBF welcomes…
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2020 Billfish Recaptures Update

The most important data received through TBF’s Tag &…
Swordfish and Tunas Landings Update | The Billfish Foundation

TBF Welcomes T-H Marine as a New Tag & Release Industry Sponsor!

T-H Marine Joins The Billfish Foundation as Tag and Release…

2018 Tag & Release Competition Update

Here are the current standings in all categories (except…

Learning to Fish Via Youtube?

Using YouTube to Hone Your Fishing Skill Sportfishing is an…