TBF Welcomes T-H Marine as a New Tag & Release Industry Sponsor!

T-H Marine Joins The Billfish Foundation as Tag and Release Program Sponsor

Fort Lauderdale, FL – January 9, 2019 – T-H Marine Supplies, Inc., of Huntsville, Alabama, announces it has partnered with The Billfish Foundation, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as a program sponsor. Sponsorship will focus on The Billfish Foundation’s Tag and Release Program, where T-H Marine will provide both financial and product contributions.

“Billfish have a special place in my heart,” T-H Marine’s President, Jeff Huntley, stated. “There’s nothing quite like the sport of catching them and we need to make sure these beautiful fish are plentiful for generations to come. The Billfish Foundation and its network does a fantastic job of leading in that cause and we are glad to partner with them.”

Widely recognized for its success, The Billfish Foundation’s Tag and Release Program is renowned worldwide by those in the billfish community who want to ensure the future of the sport. Anglers report the billfish they tag and release and assist TBF and their scientists gather data about the fish.

This tag and release data provides valuable information that lays the groundwork for conservation-minded policy, scientific advancement, and gives insight into the demographics and socio-economic benefits generated from billfishing.

“We are excited to have T-H Marine, one of the largest manufacturers of boating and fishing accessories on board to promote billfish conservation,” Peter Chaibongsai, The Billfish Foundation’s Director of Conservation Programs, said. ”It illustrates to our members, the sportfishing community, and their clientele that they understand the importance of billfish conservation, how better billfish numbers bring better business and most importantly, that conservation pays.”

Since 1990, TBF has received more than 220,000 billfish tag and release records from anglers and captains around the world. Records are entered into TBF’s Tag & Release Online Database, which has gained in popularity with boat crews and anglers since its introduction in 2014. The records collected via the database will better help marine researchers gain insight into migratory patterns, growth rates, and the overall health of billfish stocks round the world.

For the latest updates about the tag and release competition, please visit billfish.org/news/. To learn more about how the tagging competition works, please visit billfish.org/competition/. Learn more about TBF’s Tag and Release program by contacting us at 954-938-01050 or by email.