Exempted Fishing Permits for East Coast Deep-Set Buoy Gear

  NMFS issued 7 Exempted Fishing Permits (EFP) for vessels…

TBF’s Atlantic Shark Depredation Campaign

No balance currently exists between the hugely successful…

Workshop on December 7th regarding Offshore wind project impact

Input requested from anglers regarding potential impacts…

Reallocation of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna for Angling Category

NOAA/NMFS Amending Bluefin Tuna Allocations The current…

NMFS Designates Bullet and Frigate Mackerel as Ecosystem Component Species

The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) approved Amendment…

The Billfish Foundation Joins Center for Sportfishing Policy

The Billfish Foundation is proud to join the Center for Sportfishing…
Sailfish Conservation Record 2019 | The Billfish Foundation

Recreational Fishing Gear, Bottom Trawls & Pelagic Longline Gear Are NOT the Same!!

New Executive Order could stymy recreational fishing in Marine…
A Call to Action | Conservation News | The Billfish Foundation

A Call to Action