TBF would like to thank Board Chairman Smyth McKissick III for hosting an incredible event for TBF at Land’s End Yacht Club in Georgetown, South Carolina. This inaugural reception to benefit TBF aimed to bring together the passionate sport fishing community of South Carolina with TBF to discuss regional and federal issues impacting billfishing and our industry. 

McKissick worked with an eager Host Committee composed of Graham Eubanks, Jeepy Ford, Jim Johnston, Foster McKissick, Smyth McKissick, Bony Peace and Greg Smith to pull this amazing event together. More than 175 influential guests attended, including boat owners, offshore anglers, and captains, to enjoy a night filled with cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and discussions on how to improve the fishery. 

The priority for the gathering was two-fold. One, to inform the guests on current National Marine Fisheries Service’s (NMFS) proposals that can negatively impact their fishing for billfish, tunas, mahi mahi and other species. And, two, to raise awareness among guests of TBF’s global leadership role with billfish advocacy and research.

President of TBF, Ellen Peel and Director of Conservation Programs, Peter Chaibongsai were able to not only speak to the room regarding these current billfish advocacy issues, but to also hear feedback from the community and discuss options moving forward.