NOAA Announces $82 Million in Funding for North Atlantic Right Whale

NOAA proposed an expansion on vessel speed restrictions to protect North Atlantic right whales.

NOAA earmarked a $82 million fund dedicated to the conservation and recovery of the North Atlantic right whales. With this announcement, we again want to champion an innovative idea.

NOAA’s antiquated approach (and proposed measure) of imposing ineffective, widespread speed restrictions across vast regions hasn’t worked. Such measures not only lack high compliance rates but also inflict unnecessary economic hardships on multiple sectors like the recreational boating and fishing community.

Instead, we again insist on NOAA to utilize this funding to explore cutting-edge technological alternatives. This support could help to further research into state-of-the-art warning and deterrence systems employed by the U.S. Navy and the revered Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. These systems offer a balanced approach that ensures the safety of marine life while preserving the economic interests of multiple communities.

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