Exempted Fishing Permits for East Coast Deep-Set Buoy Gear

  NMFS issued 7 Exempted Fishing Permits (EFP) for vessels…
Billfish, Swordfish & Tunas Landings Update | The Billfish Foundation

Atlantic Billfish, Swordfish, and Tunas Landings Update

NOAA Fisheries announced landings updates for Atlantic swordfish,…
2020 Billfish Recaptures | Featured News | The Billfish Foundation

2020 Billfish Recaptures Update

The most important data received through TBF’s Tag &…
2019 Conservation Record | Featured News | The Billfish Foundation

2019 Conservation Record

  2019 was an enormous year for The Billfish Foundation's…

Updated English and Spanish Atlantic HMS Compliance Guides

NOAA Fisheries has released updated compliance guides for…

Atlantic Tuna and Swordfish Landings Updates

NOAA fisheries announced third quarter landing updates for bluefin…

New NMFS Initiatives Benefit Longlines and Harm Recreational Community

The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) is proposing initiatives…
Tagging Yellowfin Tuna with ICCAT and AOTTP - The Billfish Foundation

Tagging Tuna with ICCAT and AOTTP

The Billfish Foundation is currently engaging in a research…

Tropical Tuna Taggers Needed!

Photo courtesy of Trey Russo/Miles Charlesworth The Billfish…