New Age/Growth Study on Atlantic Blue Marlin and Swordfish need samples!

Happen to Land an Atlantic Blue Marlin weighing over 800 lbs or Atlantic Swordfish over 500 lbs? Save that Head! 

Scientists at the University of Maine need Atlantic blue marlin that weigh over 800 lbs and Atlantic swordfish over 500 lbs, specifically their heads, and the fork length measurement.  They are hoping to conduct an age and growth study of these big girls and confirm their ages by collecting hard parts, like their otoliths or ear bones. If you land or know someone who has landed one, please let us know! They are willing to pay for the shipping and packaging of each of them.

Again, all the scientists need is the head of the Atlantic blue marlin and swordfish and the fork length measurement.
Here are the steps for collection:
  • Cut the upper bill off, the lower jaw can be cut straight across, and from the jaw hinge down can be removed.
  • The gills can be removed, but please keep the back of the head intact.
  •  You are left with a small block of the head above the jaw hinge.
  • That piece can be frozen if need be, it will not hurt the specimen.
  • Contact Dr. Walt Golet at the University of Maine and they can make arrangements to get it sent to them or if it’s near a colleague have them take the otoliths out.

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