Three of our youngest members from Massachusetts recently stopped by our offices to drop off a donation to The Billfish Foundation (TBF) that they procured earlier this year.

Miles Buddenhagen, 8 years old, and his brothers Evan, 10 years old and Kolby, 5 years old, tabled a booth at their school’s sustainability fair. During the fair, they spoke to people about the importance of catch and release and asked for donations to TBF and billfish conservation. They obviously did a  phenomenal job, by presenting a $1000 donation to us this week!

Their love of fishing and fish conservation began with their father Erich, who remembers talking to them about fishing when they were “basically just walking.” Once Erich completed a Billfish Royal Slam in 2009, he knew he wanted to make sure his sons would be able to experience the same enjoyment he got and instilled his love of billfish and fishing to his sons.  He obviously did a great job, and we thank the Buddenhagens for promoting TBF in Massachusetts and for their generous donation.