Youth Magazines are Ready!

Our two youth magazines, Spearfish and Sailfish have arrived and are currently being shipped! Contact us today at if you or your school, camp, etc. would like some copies for FREE! 

TBF’s Youth Magazine, Sailfish, issue no. 26

If you’re new to TBF, we believe that youth education is crucial, understanding that today’s students are the next generation of ocean stewards. By emphasizing the importance and fun of sportfishing and ocean-related activities within our magazines, we aim to foster a conservation ethic in thousands of individuals around the world. 

If you’re a teacher, grab a copy for your students! These ocean-related, age-appropriate youth publications can enrich the classroom and provide great educational opportunities for your students. Spearfish is geared for younger children (elementary school), while Sailfish is written for young adults in the middle school to high school range. 

If you and your students enjoy the magazines, we always appreciate any feedback we receive. Whether it’s pictures of your class enjoying the magazine, or content ideas for future issues, your feedback helps shape future magazines and makes it possible for us to print and distribute these to deserving schools and classrooms like yours. Please send your feedback, pictures, etc. to