TBF Welcomes Pelagic as a Blue Marlin Level Sponsor

The Billfish Foundation (TBF) is excited to announce and welcome back Pelagic as a sponsor and this time at the blue marlin level for our conservation fund. Pelagic, with its prominent presence in the sportfishing industry spanning nearly two decades, has always been recognized as a leader in innovation and cutting-edge design, particularly in clothing and technical products. Now, with this partnership with TBF, Pelagic is also emphasizing the critical importance of conservation.

By joining forces with TBF as a sponsor, Pelagic is showcasing its commitment to billfish and our community. This partnership not only underscores Pelagic’s dedication to conservation but also amplifies its role as a responsible leader within the sportfishing community. “Pelagic is proud to support The Billfish Foundation and their ongoing efforts of advocacy for recreational fishing access and billfish conservation” says Randy Childress, Global Marketing Director of Pelagic.

Peter Chaibongsai, Director of Conservation Programs at The Billfish Foundation, expressed excitement about Pelagic’s sponsorship, stating, “We are excited to welcome back Pelagic as a sponsor, and we look forward to highlighting their commitment to conservation throughout the year.” Pelagic’s support as a blue marlin level sponsor underscores their understanding of the significance of TBF’s work in billfish conservation.

This sponsorship not only demonstrates Pelagic’s dedication to conservation but also reinforces the importance of billfish conservation efforts within the sportfishing community. The partnership signifies that better billfish numbers not only benefit conservation but also contribute to better business, ultimately emphasizing that conservation pays.

To learn more about becoming a sponsor of TBF, please contact us via email or by phone (954) 938 0150.