The Billfish Foundation would like to welcome Bisbee’s Fish & Wildlife Conservation Fund as a new Grand Slam Sponsor! We are excited to have them on board and working with them to lead TBF’s Tag & Release Program into the future.

Bisbee’s Fish & Wildlife Conservation Fund (BFWCF) has partnered with The Billfish Foundation, top software developers, database experts, and environmental engineers to evaluate and redesign The Billfish Foundation’s Tag & Release program, software, and systems so that it may efficiently and effectively report a wide range of data to scientists around the world.  With your help we will learn how to better protect our waters highly migratory species.

Photo Credit – Capt. John Pearce

TBF and its partners are looking at technological advances in tag designs offer scientists new information that help us understand the feeding, spawning, and migration patterns of billfish. In order to organize and utilize this new data, TBF’s Tag  & Release program needs a redesign and to be more engaging for the public so they can report and share their data. With a new and efficient program, TBF will continue help protect our oceans highly migratory species.

Copyright – Bisbee’s Fish & Wildlife Conservation Fund

BFWCF does not only limit itself to billfish and the ocean, they also have a African Rhino Project. This project is an aggressive campaign to protect and prevent the poaching of the endangered African rhino. Training field rangers with state of the art technology to venture into the bush on anti-poaching patrols on private game reserves (where most of the rhinos live) is the crux of the project.

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