A recently released analysis of the NMFS Cooperative Tagging Program between January 2006 and December 2015 by Caitlyn Savoia, a graduate student at the University of Miami, documented that during those years the Program received the lowest number of tagged and recaptured reports, which collect valuable scientific data.”  The author lauded the work of TBF’s implementation of its self-entry on-line database for tagged, released and recaptured billfish as well as the outreach done to further engage the sportfishing community.

She applauds TBF’s Tag & Release system for including interactive features that improve efficiency, transparency while making the entry, retrieving and viewing of one’s data easy.  Other features of TBF’s self-entry tagging data site heralded by the researcher include: interactive map with a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) interface, the ability to upload anglers’ videos and photos, ability to analyze data, interface with Buoyweather and integrated with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, all of this Savoia acknowledges promotes data collection and participation through innovation and technology. In turn, TBF applauds the work of all our constituents who continue to report and support the program as well as to TBF staff member, Peter Chaibongsai, who is responsible for the program for his tenacity in getting the site activated and to all anglers, captains and mates who use the self-entry site.