Do you remember where, when, and what you used to catch the first fish that got you “hooked” on fishing? Who were you with and how did that singular experience get you more involved with fishing and conservation? 2016 is year of the Junior Angler for The Billfish Foundation and TBF is developing content for their Junior Angler Program and we would love for you to be a part of it. We want to get a first hand report on your most memorable fishing experience – not necessarily billfish related.

We believe that many in the sportfishing community (and our members especially) have shown great commitment and passion to furthering conservation and would love to honor that with your words. TBF wants to recognize your achievements, dedication to the sport, and the first time you were “hooked” in pursing this lifestyle. The anglers represented in this program will spearhead it and will in turn be acknowledged as a representative of the program to show others why conservation and fishing go hand in hand. The interview will take place over email or phone and photos/videos are needed to share the story. We hope to hear from many of you. Please contact tag@billfish.org to have your story shared.








Please use the hashtag #tbfjr on social media so we can share and recognize you, your family and friends fishing.