On April 11, 2009 Miami-Dade County Cooperative Extension 4-H and Sea Grant Programs proudly held the county’s 3rd Annual Kid’s Fishing Clinic. This spirited event, sponsored by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, was held at the Miami Rowing Club on Virginia Key. The educational clinic was designed to teach young anglers about fishing techniques, marine habitats, ethical angling and conservation.

The students went through five different skills stations throughout the day and got lots of hands-on experience.The Billfish Foundation’s Peter Chaibongsai was stationed in the Ethical Angling booth and discussed many important topics with the young new anglers, such as the importance of complying with fishing regulations, using circle hooks, catch and release techniques, and the proper handling of fish. Chaibongsai distributed copies of TBF’s youth publications, Spearfish and Sailfish, to the participants. Approximately 180 kids between the ages of six and eighteen participated in this free catch-and-release fishing event. Each participant went through five mandatory skill stations: Knot Tying, Touch Tank, The Good Angler, Tackle and Casting. Upon completion of these skill stations, each child received a free rod and reel donated by Fish Florida and spent the remainder of the morning practicing their new fishing skills on the beach and dock.