Tournament season is coming to a close which means opportunities to get out there are getting fewer and the competition is stiff. Here are the current standings for the 2016 Gulf of Mexico Marlin Tagging competition.  All fishing must be completed by October 31, and all tag cards need to be either entered by you (tagbillfish.org) or in the TBF office by November 15, NO EXCEPTIONS! Mail, fax, email, hand delivered, however you prefer is fine with us, but they cannot be late.

Please note, there are still numerous cards to be entered that you may have sent in some time ago. Rest assured, all cards will be entered, but the surest way for your records to be up-to-date is to enter them yourself at www.tagbillfish.org.

As of 9/7/16

Overall Tagging Angler
1. Kaleb Richardson
2. Dana Foster
3. Lee Leboeuf

Overall Tagging Captain
1. Chris Mowad
2. Myles Colley
3. Jimmy Crochet
4. Ryan Reaux
5. Adam Ladnier, Ryan Easterling (tie)

Top Tagging Angler – Blue Marlin
1. Kaleb Richardson
2. Dana Foster

Top Tagging Angler – White Marlin
1. Kaleb Richardson
2. Lee Leboeuf

Top Tagging Boat
1. Whoo Dat
2. Born2Run
3. Conundrum
4. Reel Blues
5. Southern Miss

Top Tagging Captain – Blue Marlin
1. Myles Colley
2. Chris Mowad
3. Jimmy Crochet

Top Tagging Captain – White Marlin
1. Chris Mowad
2. Ryan Easterling, Ryan Reaux (tie)

Youth Division (Tag)
1. Kaleb Richardson