Reminder: Renew Your Fishery Permits Following Hurricane Season

The Southeast Permits Office of NOAA Fisheries is reminding permit holders that all limited access permits must be renewed by the termination date printed on the front of the permit.

The region was impacted by a number of hurricanes this year, impacting many with loss of property including fishing vessels. The Office advises that if your permitted vessel was lost, you can transfer the permit to another vessel, or even a U.S. Coast Guard or state registered raft or dinghy to keep the permit viable. Call the southeast Permits Office toll free at (877) 376-4877 to ask about transfer provisions and opportunities to retain the limited access permits.

Renewal of all limited access permits before the termination date printed on the face of the permit is required or the permit will become non-renewable. This can be completed by submitting an application with required documents to the Southeast Permits Office, and the application can be downloaded here.

Several stipulations apply: an application that arrives after the renewal period but postmarked within the renewal period will not be accepted; if the permit is not renewed before termination date it will be terminated and cannot be transferred or renewed; processing times vary and permit holders are advised to allow at least 30 days for the review of their application; applicants cannot fish while waiting for the office to renew their expired permit; and finally, the number of limited access permits is capped and no new permits can be issued.