Over the past week, TBF’s President and the U.S. Recreational commissioner for the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT), Ellen Peel, attended and took part in vigorous negotiations during a ICCAT meeting in Morocco and reported the back on the following:


While last week ended with the possibility that all existing conservation measures for Atlantic blue and white marlin might expire, hard negotiations over the weekend resulted in the adoption of new strengthened measures.  The Commission adopted hard quotas consistent with the scientific advice for all nations landing marlin with reductions from recent average catches of 50% for blue marlin (to 2000 metric tons)  and 31% for whites (400 metric tons) – truly significant gains that should lead to further increases in stock sizes.  The U.S. annual angling quota of 250 marlin remains secure.  The new regulations will prohibit sale of recreationally caught marlin.

Bluefin tuna

Annual catch limits and quotas for western Atlantic bluefin tuna remain unchanged, but the annual quota for eastern Atlantic bluefin tuna was increased slightly by 600 mt.

Yellowfin tuna

No actions taken affecting anglers on yellowfin tuna.