On August 28, TBF attended the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana. Composed of Governors from each of the five Gulf States and representatives from six federal agencies, the council voted unanimously to approve the initial plan outlining the recovery efforts for the Gulf region following the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

The preliminary ideas discussed at the meeting and voted upon are outlined in the Draft Initial Comprehensive Plan: Restoring the Gulf Coast’s Ecosystem and Economy that can be found by clicking here. Within the document are the Council’s plans for restoration efforts to create projects that will restore and revitalize the Gulf Coast ecosystem and economy. Setting the framework for how funds in the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Trust Fund will be utilized for restoration projects as they become available, the Council has laid the necessary foundation to make lasting impacts in the Gulf of Mexico.

TBF understands the important role recreational fishing plays in the communities and economies throughout the Gulf of Mexico and will continue to work with organizations and scientists in the region as the recovery effort moves forward.