The college football season has just begun with fall practice, who do you think will win it all this year? While you might not have a chance to actively participate in those games, TBF has a way for ANYONE (students, alumni, or fans) to help shore up the reputation and competitiveness of your favorite college/university. All you have to do is sign up today for TBF’s and Collegiate Billfish National  Championship (CBNC) competition. Your team may not be in contention right now for the #1 ranking, but with TBF, you and your friends can win a National Championship in honor of your college or university.

The current standings for The Billfish Foundation’s Collegiate Billfish National Championship are:

1. Duke  – 58,000 points

2. Oregon State – 48,300 points

3. Texas A&M – 14,600 points

4. Miami, FL – 13,100 points

5. Louisiana State – 9,500 points

Looks like Duke and Oregon State are in a tight race for the top spot and have the best chance to win the overall trophy. You have less than a month to submit your tags cards and sign up to win prizes like BCS national championship tickets!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at or call us at (954) 938 – 0150 ext. 107 or 101.

You can also win a pair of Costa Sunglasses every month!