Black Marlin Study Needs Assistance off Central America in Pacific Waters

Sam Williams from the University of Queensland is collaborating with Dr Julian Pepperell in mapping the global genetics of black marlin. We greatly appreciate your assistance in collecting tissue for this research; a brief methodology has been described for sampling below.What we need: only require a small piece of fin or muscle tissue.
 The tissue one has to be about the size of a finger nail (~2cm2).
 If you can collect the tissue from either the end of the pectoral fin or middle of the caudal fin that is preferred as it does not affect the fish for market
 We will happily receive tissue from anywhere on the body of the fish if collecting from the fins are not possible (photo shown taking tissue from the dorsal fin).
Preserving the tissue: After taking the tissue from the billfish, we ask you to do the following:
 If you have vials which can be filled with DMSO please place the tissue in the preservative and close the lid tight (as shown).
 If DMSO is not available, then the tissue can be placed in a small cliplock bag.
 Once stored in either a vial or cliplock bag please place them in the freezer for storage.

Information: Once the tissue has been stored if you can write the reference number on it that will correspond to the fish ID on the datasheet.


Date of capture
Estimated size (weight or length)
Species name
Notes (any additional comments)
We really appreciate your help.
If you have any questions or would like to contact us on:
Sam Williams P: +61404 991 599 E:
Julian Pepperell P: 0418 613 396