What do you get with you combine creative high school students, The Billfish Foundation (TBF), and blank mounts from King Sailfish Mounts? After a several weeks, you get beautifully unique art pieces. On December 5, 2012, TBF was honored to take part in an exhibit that displayed all these pieces at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood. Over 100 people came to the opening night of the art exhibit named, “ART & THE BILLFISH.” It displayed a number of unique billfish-related art pieces by members from the National Art Honor Society & Photography Club. The evening also consisted of a silent auction of the billfish art to benefit TBF.

These unique pieces express the artists’ knowledge of billfish and conservation efforts as well as expressing their artistic interests. Students used the blank billfish mounts (donated by King Sailfish Mounts) as their canvas and created away with some incredibly stunning pieces. Works ranged from watercolor, sculpture, a billfish headdress, and a billfish bike.

TBF enjoys finding new ways to incorporate new ways to bring billfish into young people’s mind. In this case, we integrated art and science with help from South Broward High School. The exhibition lasts until January 6th, so if you haven’t had a chance check out the nearly 40 works of art.

TBF would like to thank everyone who was involved with the event and the art project, specifically, Raymond Douglass, Susan Ostheim, Ted Davis, Jessica Jessup, and Carey Chen. For more information about TBF’s education program, please contact us at