30th Anniversary Year Dedicated to Today’s Youth

…Our Legacy must be a Billfishing Future for Them!

TBF’s Herbert Nanne, Central American Conservation Director, worked tirelessly for three years to have the government of Costa Rica sign off on a law that ALLOWS minors to fish! Can you believe what you just read? Yes, it is true. Why such a nonsensical law was ever on the books is hard to imagine, but no longer.

The timing was perfect for it coincides with TBF’s 30th Anniversary year, which is dedicated to young anglers with a commitment from today’s adults to insure a billfishing future is available to them. We hope in Costa Rica there will be a move to take children fishing, even if from shore or a pier. Fortunately there is not such a restraint in most parts of the world, we just have to make good on our commitment to the legacy!

To build our legacy to insure billfishing opportunities are available in our children’s future, we must support conservation, responsible management, responsible fishing and including children in safe and fun fishing experiences. Supporting TBF is a great way to help insure that future, but it takes each individual who billfish to make a meaningful contribution to building the legacy in their region with children.

During 2016, TBF is featuring a variety of creative, fun and educational sessions at tournaments, classrooms, clubs, within the digital world and at TBF events to engage and inspire youthful members within our constituency. Stay tuned and be sure to check out TBF’s youth publications, Sailfish & Spearfish. Request copies at education@billfish.org or download online at www.billfish.org!