We asked for some of your best fishing videos and man did you guys respond! Each month, TBF and TrollPro.com would love to see your fishing videos and you could win a TrollPro just for sending in your best fishing videos to us! Check out each month’s winning video below.

For your chance at winning,  submit your video to us via email, mail, or share your file via dropbox.com or Google Drive and be sure to “like” our TBF facebook pageas well as TrollPro’s Facebook page. The winning video will be posted on our social media outlets and we’ll mail out your prize! We might even use your videos in future events!

For the rules of the contest please check out our original post on the contest below.

  1. November’s winning video from Randy Messing
  2. December’s winning video from Stephane Millez
  3. January’s winning video from Camila Sanches
  4. February’s winning video from Capt. Woody Woods
  5. March’s winning video from Nick Bovell
  6. August’s winning video from Chris Jessen
  7. September’s winning video from The Ridling’s
  8. December’s winning video from Team One More
  9. January’s winning video from Ricardo Sanchez-Manrique Tavella
  10. February’s winning video from Reel Teaser & Capt. Ross Newton
  11. May’s winning video from Peak Sportfishing & Cap.t Eddy Lawler
  12. August winning video from Tommy Farella 
  13. September’s winning video from Makaira Gamefishing & Capt. Jeda Ellens
  14. October’s winning video from Whoo Dat &  Kevin Alexander & Chris Mowad
  15. November’s winning video from Hold Your Breath
  16. December’s winning video from James Freeman
  17. January’s winning video from Makaira Gamefishing & Capt. Jeda Ellens
  18. March’s winning video from Bill Pino
  19. April’s winning video from Fish Tank Sportfishing
  20. June’s winning Video from Rehab Fishing Team
  21. July’s winning video from Federico Hampl
  22. September’s winning video from Peake Sportfishing
  23. March’s winning video from Skylar Vallancourt