TBF’s 2022 Tag & Release Awards Ceremony Recap

The Billfish Foundation’s 2022 Tag & Release Awards Ceremony took place on February 18th at Jungle Island to celebrate and highlight the achievement of some of the top anglers, captains and crews globally. This was the first time we had the event in person in over a year and we loved the opportunity to see everyone face to face again. Some well-known fishing titans were recognized, including the crew of the Big Oh as well as some new names like all the children from the McLane family and George Straub.

The night was made possible through the generosity of our event sponsors including King Sailfish Mounts (who made all of the international awards)Costa Sunglasses, Marina Casa de CampoCap Cana Marina, Viking Service CenterFloy Tag, and Dekit Marine Supplies.

Not to be outdone, TBF’s Tag & Release Program sponsors are the reason our cornerstone program is successful. Support from companies like GarminYetiCostaKing Sailfish MountsCasa Vieja Lodge, the International Game Fish Tournament Observers, and Boater’s List illustrate their dedication to conserving billfish and promoting the sportfishing community.

Like in years past, all overall winners were gifted with beautiful Fathom Offshore lures. The top overall anglers also received a Waterlust gift card. As if that were not enough, the Top Overall winners received a spectacular package from Marina Cap Cana, which included lodging and slip space.

Award winners weren’t the only ones with a chance to walk away with something.  Thanks to the generosity of  Pelagic Gear, Yeti, Costa, Cap Cana Marina, and Nomadix we were able to raffle off three spectacular packages.

The Billfish Foundation’s Tag & Release Program is the largest private one in the world, boasting over 280,000 records since 1990. Anglers, captains, and mates worldwide are vital assets in gathering the valuable data required to further billfish science and ensure that fishing opportunities are available for future generations. Without the dedication of these individuals, TBF’s billfish and sportfishing conservation would not be possible.

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