TBF Welcomes Boaters List as a New Tag & Release Sponsor!

Boaters List Joins The Billfish Foundation as a new Tag & Release Program Industry-level Sponsor.

The Billfish Foundation (TBF) is excited to announce that Boaters List, out of San Antonio, Texas, is a new sponsor of TBF’s cornerstone program, our Tag and Release program. 

Widely recognized for its success, The Billfish Foundation’s Tag and Release Program is renowned worldwide by those in the billfish community who want to ensure the future of the sport. Anglers report the billfish they tag and release and assist TBF and our scientists gather data about the fish.

“Boaters List launched with a driven mission, first and foremost, to build a community of like-minded boaters and water enthusiasts.  The Crew of the Boaters List are avid offshore fishermen and many, including myself, have chased billfish around the globe.  We embraced Tag and Release from our first days offshore. The Billfish Foundation is not only in perfect alignment with Boaters List mission but also near and dear to our hearts.  Billfisherman enjoy one of the few sports in the world where you can conquer the trophy, mano y mano, and then watch the magnificent creature, lit up, swim off into the deep blue”, Martin Kroesche, Founder and CEO. 

Since 1990, TBF has received more than 270,000 billfish tag and release records from anglers and captains around the world. This data provides valuable information that lays the groundwork for conservation-minded policy, scientific advancement, and gives insight into the demographics and socio-economic benefits generated from billfishing.

“We are excited to have Boaters List, a new and exciting service to help people get connected on the water, onboard to promote billfish conservation,” Peter Chaibongsai, The Billfish Foundation’s Director of Conservation Programs, said. “As an industry-level sponsor of the Tag and Release Program, it illustrates to our members, the sportfishing community, and their clientele that they understand the importance of billfish conservation, how better billfish numbers bring better business, and most importantly, that conservation pays.”

TBF thanks Boaters List for their support and is excited to add another great organization as a sponsor of our Tag and Release Program! To learn more about becoming a sponsor of TBF, please contact us.