Gatsby, Glitz, and Glamour was truly the only way to describe how the evening would unfold. Not even the TBF staff was prepared for how extraordinary of a night it would be. The outfits were the cat’s meow. The ambiance was the definition of elegance. And our community proved once again they are the Real McCoy.

From the moment you walked in, the pair of 1920s Ford vehicles in the lobby truly set the tone, and those photos were absolutely incredible. Whatever “it” is, the TBF’s Annual Fundraising Gala had it. And fortunately, the Garmin Gangsters (Trademark Pending) did not have to bump off a single TBF patron. At least for now! Once the hooch started flowing and the tunes began to fill the air, it was clear this would be no ordinary evening. To look around the joint, you might be tempted to think you really were a hundred years in the past.

But it wasn’t until the doors to the main hall opened could you truly appreciate the view. With weightless feathers towering over each table and glistening gold and black as far as the eye could see, the only thing to make the evening complete was a room filled with more than 200 people to enjoy an amazing evening and support TBF in the process.

Our team of consultants, volunteers, and staff worked tirelessly for weeks (months) to prepare for this event, but the work means nothing without the energy and charisma from our community to enjoy it. It’s truly the people that continually make this evening such an amazing experience and we cannot thank you enough for your support. (And also thank you for enduring our first attempt at a mobile auction!).

A special congratulations to Paul Spencer and Dr. Guy Harvey for winning TBF’s most prestigious accolades, the John Rybovich Lifetime Achievement Award and the Paxson H. “Packy” Offield Lifetime Science Achievement Award. Thank you to Pat Healey of Viking Yachts for once again capturing the evening with your auctioneering skills. And thank you to everyone who makes this evening a possibility.

With so much anticipation for the event itself, it’s truly remarkable when you can take a minute to soak it all in. Our goal for the night was swanky, but our community made it exceptional. The sincerest of thanks to all.

Now scram, or we’ll have to take you for a ride!