TBF Endorses Fly and Chester Brewer to Serve on Fishery Management Councils

Robert “Fly” Navarro and Chester Brewer are currently seeking approval to serve on Fishery Management Councils (FMC) for the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic. Ellen Peel and The Billfish Foundation team fully support this notion, even submitting a letter of endorsement for both nominees to Governor Desantis.

 As an organization focused on advancing conservation and proper management of billfish, TBF fully recognizes the importance of FMCs and the responsibility each member has to not only understand the fisheries and associated economies but to also work well with the state’s experts and consider all entities involved when making decisions.

TBF endorses the nomination of Robert “Fly” Navarro, a current member of the board of

directors for TBF, to serve on the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council (SAFMC). From his years of experience as a mate or captain to his service on fishery advisory committees, to his recent appointment to serve on Southeast Data, Assessment, and Review (SEDAR), Fly is a person who understands the fishing community from all avenues and his passion for the industry is unparalleled.


TBF endorses the nomination of Chester Brewer to serve on the Gulf of Mexico

Fishery Management Council (GMFMC). A successful attorney, Chester has given much of his time to serving on numerous fishery advisory organizations, including the U.S. Advisory Panel to the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) and the board of directors of the Coastal Conservation Association. His objective thinking and constructive problem-solving skills would make him a true asset.

TBF and the recreational community would truly be better to have these two individuals acting as advocates for us.