Steve C. Levi Memorial Trophy Youth Conservation Award

The Billfish Foundation & Gulf Coast Yacht Group present a new Award for Gulf of Mexico Youth Anglers – the Steve C. Levi Memorial Trophy Youth Conservation Award

Following the untimely and tragic death of Steve C. Levi, his daughters, Kristen Dzwonkowski and Chelsea Scruggs donated to The Billfish Foundation (TBF) a gorgeous bronze marlin sculpture of their father’s. It was decided to have the sculpture honoring Steve to become a perpetual trophy, the Steve C. Levi Memorial Trophy, for a youth competition in the Gulf of Mexico. The trophy will continue to be housed in the Gulf Coast Yacht Group’s office in Orange Beach.

All who knew Steve knew he wanted to ensure the thrill of responsible sportfishing and marine conservation would be passed to the next generation by encouraging adults to take today’s youth fishing. The competition will recognize youth from two age groups, 12 years and under, and 13 – 17 years of age. Age is as of May 1 of each year. Winners’ names will be engraved on a plate and attached to the trophy.

Competition is based on youth anglers accumulating the most points for catching and releasing a billfish. If no billfish
are caught, points will be awarded per pound for other landed species, excluding sharks. The fish must be caught and photographed between May 1 – Sept 30 each year in tournaments, club competitions, or fishing for fun. Each fish only counts once. Sportsmanship will be a considered factor and while no definitive quantification of “sportsmanship” can be shared at this time, if an exceptional situation arises. An angler can only win the award one time for each age category to help assure more anglers can be winners.