Satellite Tag and Tag Stick

Social Media to the Rescue: Satellite Tag Recovery

Satellite tags are invaluable tools for filling data gaps in billfish research, each worth more than $5000 and capable of transmitting a wealth of information to researchers. But did you know that recovering the tags themselves can yield even more data?

Satellite Tag and Tag Stick

In mid-April, we learned one of our satellite tags had washed up on the shore near Tequesta Pines, FL. This tag had been deployed a month prior by TBF during an Atlantic sailfish tagging trip off Singer Island. Still transmitting from somewhere onshore, we had to work fast before the unit lost power. Utilizing our social media platforms, we reached out to our community, hoping they could point us in the right direction and put this tag back in our hands.

Obviously a long shot, we were hopeful but realistic about the tag recovery. What we should have realized is how amazing our community truly is. Within one day we received a message on Facebook (and even a phone call!) that someone discovered the tag on the beach!

While we eagerly await the data from this recovered tag, we wanted to extend our gratitude to everyone who assisted in locating the finder. The information provided from this tag is truly invaluable and we could not be more appreciative of our community once again answering the call for billfish research and conservation.