Marlin Expeditions and TBF: Teamwork Makes Conservation Work

Jen Copeland & Marlin Expeditions

After seeing your first billfish, or even better, catching your first one, anglers quickly recognize the power and beauty of this marine species.  At TBF, our team works tirelessly to help anglers also understand the importance of billfish, helping them to embrace conservation efforts to ensure future generations can enjoy the same thrilling fishing experiences we cherish today.

Jen Copeland, Director of Marlin Expeditions, and Peter Chaibongsai, Director of Conservation Programs at TBF, have long understood the importance of education in conservation. So for the 2024-25 season, Marlin Expeditions and TBF are teaming up to educate Marlin Expeditions’ clients about the crucial role of billfish conservation through TBF’s tag and release program. All clients will learn why tagging is vital for billfish science and have the opportunity to deploy traditional tags at one of their many courses in some beautiful locations – like at Casa Vieja Lodge in Guatemala from December 16 – 21, 2024. 

As an added benefit, TBF members will receive a special discount, making it even more attractive to combine your passion for fishing with a commitment to conservation. Contact us at to get the code.