Changes in Reporting for HMS Tournaments

Beginning January 1, 2019, all Atlantic highly migratory species tournaments will be required to submit catch summaries.

Catch Reporting

An Atlantic highly migratory species (HMS) tournament is a tournament that awards points or prizes for catching Atlantic highly migratory species (i.e., swordfish, billfish, sharks and/or tunas). All Atlantic highly migratory species tournament operators will be required to submit an HMS tournament catch summary report within seven days after tournament fishing has ended. NOAA Fisheries uses the data to estimate the total annual catch of highly migratory species and the impact of tournament operations in relation to other types of fishing activities. More information can be available on the Atlantic HMS Management Division’s website.

Tournament Registration

Operators or Tournament Directors of Atlantic highly migratory species tournaments to register four weeks in advance of the tournament. Operators must provide contact information and the tournament’s date(s), location(s), and target species. Tournament registration can be done through the Atlantic Tournament Registration and Reporting system.

Tournament operators can also request educational and regulatory outreach materials from NOAA Fisheries at the time of registration.

For further information on Atlantic HMS ATR System, contact Nicolas Alvarado (concerning registration) at 727-209-5955 or Arietta Venizelos (concerning reporting) at 305-361-4214.