California Poaching Ring Bust

California Fines San Diego Fishermen in Poaching Bust

In a significant move to curb illegal fishing, California authorities have busted and fined a group of San Diego fishermen $145,000 for their roles in an elaborate poaching operation. The fishermen were caught illegally harvesting and selling bluefin tuna, yellowtail, and mahi-mahi without the necessary permits and documentation.

California Poaching Ring Bust

California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) spent more than six months investigating these individuals and it was revealed the poachers sold more than 5,600 pounds of fish, earning more than $26,000. This illicit activity not only violated state and federal regulations but also threatened the sustainability of these valuable fish species.

This highlights California’s aggressive stance against illegal fishing and underscores its commitment to preserving its marine resources. It also serves as a reminder to not purchase from unlicensed dealers and to go through the proper avenues if you are planning to sell your catch.

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