Your Opinions Matter! Fill Out the Speed Restriction Zone Survey

NOAA proposed an expansion on vessel speed restrictions to protect North Atlantic right whales.

Racine Prinzo, TBF’s intern, is asking interested parties to take part in a survey about whether speed restriction zones (SRZ), established to help conserve large whales and surrounding communities are achieving those goals. The survey asks asking numerous communities their opinions on the current and future plans for SRZ in the Atlantic Ocean. Completing the survey will take about 5 minutes. The more surveys we receive, the better analytics will be available to present to fisheries management. We at TBF truly appreciate your help! If you have any questions or concerns about the research, please feel free to contact TBF’s student researcher Racine Prinzo at

This survey is completely voluntary and there is no compensation for completion. You can choose to complete or skip any of the questions. If you start the survey, you can always change your mind and stop at any time. Taking part in the study involves no risks. You will not benefit directly from being in this research study. We will not ask for your name or any other information that might identify you.

Here is the link for the survey.