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Atlantic Bluefin December Subqota Adjustment

NOAA Fisheries transferred 19.5 metric tons (mt) of Atlantic bluefin tuna from the Reserve Category to the General Category. This action will go into effect on December 1st, 2020 and continue for the remainder of the fishing year. As a result, the December 2020 subquota is increased to a total of 28.9 mt with the […]

2019-2020 Tag & Release Competition Ends

The deadline for tagging and releasing billfish for The Billfish Foundation’s 2019-2020 Tag and Release Competition was on October 31st, 2020. All records must received by TBF by the end of day on November 15th, 2020. There are two ways to submit your cards. The best way to ensure your cards are in on time […]

TBF Supports Coastal Resilience in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska

The Billfish Foundation recently endorsed the Conservation of America’s Shoreline Terrain and Aquatic Life (COASTAL) Act and the Opening Federal Financial Sharing to Heighten Opportunities for Renewable Energy (OFFSHORE) Act. Legislation proposed by U.S. Senators Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), Dan Sullivan (Alaska), Bill Cassidy (Louisiana), John Kennedy (Louisiana), Doug Jones (Alabama), and Roger Wicker (Mississippi). The […]

2020 Virtual Gala Recap

The Billfish Foundation’s first ever Virtual Gala ended Friday, October 30th, after weeks of build-up and excitement! Beginning October 16th, TBF supporters joined in to support billfish conservation online with our raffle and costume contest. On October 23rd, the real fun began with the opening of our online auction! With items varying from fishing trips […]

TBF’s Top Taggers of the Decade

The Billfish Foundation’s Tag & Release Program is the cornerstone of our conservation and advocacy. We are proud to maintain the largest private tag and release database in the world, with over 260,000 records. Billfish tagging, and the recaptures that occur as a result, provides valuable scientific data to help us understand more about billfish […]

Shark Populations Proving Detrimental to Sailfish Survival

Charter and private recreational fishing captains primarily are conscientious in practicing conservation-smart measures for their business depends on the availability of fish. Most billfishing captains practice catch and release, some also tag and many use non-offset circle hooks.  But best practices make no differenc e when sharks attack and kill thousands of hooked fish, including […]

The Billfish Foundation’s 2020 Virtual Gala

Despite COVID-19 and resulting challenges for The Billfish Foundation (TBF), board members and staff invite you to join and support our 2020 VIRTUAL Gala, guaranteed to be casual as you view, bid and donate from the comfort of your home! Think of the money you will have saved by not attending in person, which you […]

Atlantic Billfish, Swordfish, and Tunas Landings Update

NOAA Fisheries announced landings updates for Atlantic swordfish, billfish, and tunas, which includes recreational billfish and bluefin tuna landings from January 1st through June 30, 2020. But swordfish and non-bluefin tuna landings are for the period of January 1 through July 31, 2020. In general, reported landings are down compared to the same time in […]