The Billfish Foundation Joins Center for Sportfishing Policy

The Billfish Foundation is proud to join the Center for Sportfishing Policy (CSP) as a Sustaining Partner. CSP works to maximize opportunities for saltwater anglers and advocate for the conservation of marine resources. They do this by mobilizing fisheries stakeholders to affect real political change for the good of anglers and fisheries everywhere. At TBF, our mission is to conserve billfish and advocate for the recreational fishing community. As a result, it made perfect sense to align with CSP in order to maximize our positive impact for conservation.

In the words of CSP President, Jeff Angers, “The Billfish Foundation’s long history of conserving billfish and advocating for responsible fisheries management has made a difference for fish around the world. We are so pleased to welcome TBF to membership in CSP.”

We at TBF are excited to move alongside CSP to support recreational fishing and increase sustainability in fisheries everywhere. To help support TBF and our mission of conservation, become a member. To stay up to date on all things billfish, subscribe to our monthly newsletter and follow us on social media, @TheBillfishFoundation.