Pacific Fishery Management Council (FMC) meets this week

The FMC is accepting public comment on its consideration of harvest specifications under an Exempted Fishing Permit for highly migratory fish caught by longline vessels fishing within the U.S. West Coast Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) “for limited testing, public display, data collection, exploratory, health and safety, environmental cleanup, and/or hazard removal purposes, the target or incidental harvest of species managed under an FMP [fishery management plan] or fishery regulations that would otherwise be prohibited.” The FMC also continues its discussion to identify criteria for issuing an exempted fishing permit for a future deep-set buoy gear for swordfish and other highly migratory species.
TBF submitted comments opposing the authorization of any longline gear within the west coast EEZ and cautioned that a limitation on the number of buoys considered to be authorized should not exceed 10 per vessel.