INCREASES in Atlantic Bluefin Angling Category 

Changes Coming to the Atlanic Bluefin Tuna Quota for Anglers

A few months back, TBF requested the NMFS increase the allocation of Atlantic bluefin tuna to all segments within the Recreational Fishing Category. In March 2022, the agency announced increases to all Fishing Categories following an increase in the total U.S. allocation agreed upon by the international fishery management Commission. The U.S. distribution among the Recreational Fishing Sub-Category are as follows.

Reserve – 5,467.64 lbs, North – 113,758.5 lbs.,
South 127,206.7 lbs.

Large School/Small Medium
North 110,451.6 lbs. & South 123,459 lbs.

North, South, Gulf of MX – 4,312.24 lbs. each