Help Reduce Atlantic Shark Depredation

Photo Courtesy of Old Number 7

The NMFS has achieved predator-rich relationships with sharks and other species beyond what some scientists describe as “equilibrium.” The result is heavy shark predation of other fish stocks important to others, including billfish and many other
species important to recreational fishing. Also out of equilibrium is the government’s failure to factor in the human interests of fisheries and economics.

TBF has previously posted on this and included a pre-drafted and editable template to your members on Capitol Hill, all you need to do is to enter your state and name and the letter can be immediately sent. Unless Congress intervenes in the problem the NMFS will (1) host a workshop to learn how to identify shark species ruining your fishing experience, (2) distribute information on “how to avoid sharks while fishing” and (3) possibly establishing a recreational shark fishing quota that factors-in post-release mortality, even though the recreational shark fishery is relatively small. This possibility is included in a recent government document.

If Congress, based on the letters you send, doesn’t intervene, the shark depredation problem will continue.