Changes in Mahi-Mahi allocation coming up in the Atlantic?

Fly Navarro and Adrienne Katz with a nice mahi-mahi

The South Atlantic Fishery Management Council (SAFMC) is considering management options to Amendment 10 on the Dolphin Wahoo Fishery Management Plan. The Amendment offers an important opportunity to modify management strategy for mahi mahi that would better insure healthy population levels intothe future. Central to protecting mahi mahi is restriction of pelagic longlinegear by not authorizing the fishery an allocation. 

Overfishing mahi-mahi stocks are a genuine concern if pelagic longline gear is allowed to continue landing the species.  If allowed, longline fishing would negatively impact not only recreational fishing, an important fishery to many, but other associated species.  Just in Florida, within one year, over a half a million recreational fishing trips were made for mahi-mahi, which generated strong economic returns to businesses, jobs and to the state.

Pelagic longline gear can overfish mahi-mahi, despite the species fast growth rates.  Before the SAFMC is faced with overfished stocks and economic depressed businesses, some equity in fishing opportunities/allocations is needed now.  Authorizing a gear-based allocation strategy for mahi-mahi, which prohibits pelagic longline gear from receiving an allocation is crucial and should be approved in Amendment 10.

TBF submitted concerns and recommendations to the SAFMC and will monitor actions related to Amendment 10 throughout 2019. If you would like to submit your comments, please click here