The TBF Experience: Cajun Canyons

The TBF Experience hit the road, taking our show to the great state of Louisiana.  The Cajun Canyons Billfish Classic welcomed us with Cajun hospitality—and all of the friendliness, great food and cold drinks for which it is known.

The Cajun Canyons is a great event. Tournament Director Steve Thomas hosts a competition that puts the region’s well rounded fishing front and center.

The Miss Remy

We were fortunate to fish the tournament aboard the Miss Remy, a beautifully appointed 65 Viking owned by Rene Cross. Cross owns the Cypress Cove Marina and is a wonderful ambassador for this incredible part of the world.

Aboard the boat were Remy Cross, the boat’s namesake, Captain Justin Bunch, Brad Nezat, Cross and myself. The Miss Remy team is a wonderful bunch whose joy for life and passion for fishing is a pleasure to be around. Days of trolling around weed lines, oil rigs and drill ships. Nights of grilling in the cockpit and joking and having a wonderful time.

Rene Cross, right, with his daughter Remy. Nice people, wonderful hosts.

Beyond the good times on the water, tournament time provides a great opportunity to catch up with all of TBF’s friends and supporters. Johnny Dorland, Art Favre, Captain Jason Buck, Bill Butler, Captain Kevin Beach, Captain Joey Birbeck, Captain Scooter Porto are just the tip of the ice berg, its impossible to list them all.

Catching up with old friends and making new ones. Talking about fish caught in the past and trying to catch new ones tomorrow. That is not only what tournament fishing is all about—it pretty well describes the TBF Experience as well.

If you enjoy this type of thing—or you make your living tournament fishing—a membership to The Billfish Foundation would suit you well.  No other group has done more for the sportfishing industry—and the fish that it targets—than TBF.


We’ve put together this video to provide a backstage pass to the experience of fishing a Gulf Coast tournament. We’d really like to thank Rene Cross and crew for making it happen.

About the Author

Elliott Stark is a consultant for The Billfish Foundation. He publishes and operates Starkfish LLC, a consulting practice active in the fishing, conservation and tourism spaces. Elliott started his career with TBF from 2008-2012. He has fished on four continents, contributes to a number of publications, and would rather fish than eat.